Our God is a God of Radical Generosity. When the Apostle Paul wanted to encourage an urban church in a cultural forging global city to be people of radical generosity, he pointed them to this truth about God seen most clearly in the giving of His Son.

Our Benevolence Response to COVID-19:

We want to do our best to come alongside those affected by the economic fallout to the outbreak and help. To allow for this, we’re immediately implementing these 3 action items:

  1. One-time reserve/transfer of $10,000 to beef up the Benevolence Fund account.
  2. Call to Action: Instead of taking up an ESO this year, we will call people to give (above-and-beyond) to our Benevolence Fund. Our hope is to call people to $5K in incremental giving per month (directly to the Benevolence Fund).
  3. Bump up our monthly missions giving percentage to 5% directly to the Benevolence Fund.

Our hope is to empower us to provide some extensive support to individuals and families over the next 4 months. You may give to our Benevolence Fund here:

Give Online

If you’d like to give by mail, you can write a check to:
Apostles Church Brooklyn
300 Cadman Plaza West – 12th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

If you’d like to try our mobile giving function:

Text “apostlesnyc” to 77977. A link will be texted back to you to make your first gift and create an account. From there, you can download the app and manage your giving right from your phone.