Our God is a God of Radical Generosity. When the Apostle Paul wanted to encourage an urban church in a cultural forging global city to be people of radical generosity, he pointed them to this truth about God seen most clearly in the giving of His Son.

During the month of December we are taking up an Advent Offering: The first $2,500 in surplus giving this month will go out our doors to benefit Love146, an international human rights organization dedicated to ending child trafficking and exploitation. We will match that $2,500 out of our annual reserves and will also give an additional $2,500 with the hope of giving $7,500 to Love146—our largest Advent Offering yet!

To contribute, please click below + give to “Brooklyn General Offerings”:

Give Online

If you’d like to give by mail, you can write a check to:
Apostles Church Brooklyn
300 Cadman Plaza West – 12th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

If you’d like to try our mobile giving function:

Text “apostlesnyc” to 77977. A link will be texted back to you to make your first gift and create an account. From there, you can download the app and manage your giving right from your phone.