Note: At this time, Apostles Church Brooklyn is encouraging people to gather in socially distanced groups of 10 or fewer people.

While our physical gatherings being temporarily suspended, our leadership’s prayer is that our Church will continue to be the Church: Worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth, Sharing the good news of Jesus with our neighbors, and Being salt and light for the world around us.

  • Reminder: Our weekly Digital Coffee Hour is on a brief hiatus. We’ll let you know when it’s back on the calendar!

Sunday Mornings

Our In-Person 7th Birthday Celebration is THIS SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20!  Join us on Monument Plaza at Fort Greene Park for socially distanced games and light refreshments! Space is limited, so each person attending must RSVP by Friday, September 18 to attend a certain time.

To attend at 12:30 PM click HERE. [Only a few spots left!]

To attend at 2:45 PM click HERE.

If you aren’t able to join our in-person gathering at Ft. Greene Park, we invite you to attend our Digital 7th Birthday Celebration at 10:30 AM by clicking the link below. Bring your favorite party hat and ABK memory to share!

We’ll also have pre-service prayer at our regular 10 AM time. And after the celebration, we invite you to watch our Worship Service on YouTube or Facebook beginning at 11 AM.

Connect to any and all of these events with the following links: